Have you ever been to Salon – Zur Wilden Renate?
Imagine yourself sitting on the rooftop of a house, staring at a technicolor sunset over the Spree with confetti raining from the sky. Open-minded girls and boys surround you in this whimsical place, radiating a joyful feeling of bliss. Traveling down the stairs through this fantasy house, you find room after room full of people, raving and screaming to their heart’s content. Vodka is flowing freely into the mouths of these energetic people who seem to be losing themselves in the intense bass waves emanating from the speakers and lights flash through every color of the rainbow. Exiting the rear of this madhouse, you step into a garden overrun with green plants, furry little animals, and flying pink boats. No matter how hard you attempt to leave, you can not find the way out. There is a sort of magical glue keeping you there which pulls your soul back into the craziness that is the Salon of Madame Wilde Renate.

Have you met open-air Lady Else?
During the summer, the Madame Wilde Renate invites her lovely, slightly hysterical, upbeat cousin from another unknown planet to come get ludicrous with her along the Spree. Lady Else makes herself comfortable only a stones throw away on the river shore opposite Renate. She dons her mermaid tail, puts on her fire wig, dips a freshly caught fish in her egg liqueur vodka cocktail and commands the crowd with her slightly scary and certainly loud laughter. All of these elements bring her guests to rhythmically sway together and heavily enjoy the fresh river breeze under Berlin’s blue heavenly sky.

Do you know Agentur Renate?
The Agentur Renate is the adorable offspring of crazy club queen Madame Wilde Renate. As it sometimes goes, children want to be a bit different from the way their families are. Agentur Renate is as friendly, music loving and social as her mother but in other ways she is much the opposite. Getting up early in the morning, loving structure, clear communication and being devoted to keeping everything in order are all a large part of Agentur Renate’s character. She always has a working phone, computer and a quiet working place to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible in her daily endeavours. She is great at taking care of her artists (which sometimes resembles herding cats) and offers transparent, professional service in her relationships with working partners. Agentur Renate always attempts to accommodate every wish, need, or question from promoters or bookers while still keeping a little smile on her face and her feet on the ground.


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