Renate Showcases

The wild lady named Renate loves to travel! A few times a year, she leaves her home base and takes all of her family, friends, pets, monsters, and devotees on a voyage to spread the word of Berlin’s favorite madhouse, her Salon – Zur wilden Renate. She packs a few trunks full of magical party gear, hops in her hot air balloon and heads off with her crew to discover new untamed paradises around the world. Appearing anywhere she finds a disco ball and the smell of sweat in the air, she makes herself right at home unpacking all of her treasures. While her gang of merry-pranksters sing and dance, she winds up her musicians and performers before an explosion of confetti, glitter, neon stars and lightning bolts light up the sky. The crazy party bitch that is Renate has arrived!

This queen of raving and unruly behavior will bring along extravagant decoration elements, phantasy lovers costumes, multimedia dance performers, projected visual art, cosmic-house DJs, live musical acts and other surprises that we shouldn’t speak of here. She gathers a crew of 10 – 15 people who travels together to a venue of choice taking at least one day for preparation, build-up, and soundchecks to realise the RENATE SHOWCASE experience, which fits most with venues such as festivals and larger clubs.

For clubs and one day open air events when Renate is simply too busy to come herself, she sends out her music servants presenting the ultimate RENATE SCHALLPLATTEN SHOWCASE. Her enchanting artists will captivate the innocent party people with their hypnotizing brew of beats and melodies that they have collected over decades of trips to outer space.

For more information, please contact us including a short description of the event you are planning. Please include information regarding capacity, entrance fee, former events, or helpful links. Renate would be happy to get back to you with her wildest party phantasies…


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